#1 Chernarus Day/Night Epoch Port: 2302
#2 Napf Day/Night Militarized Overpoch Port: 3302
#3 Namalsk Day/Night Militarized Epoch Port: 4302
#4 Taviana Day/Night Militarized Epoch Port: 5302
#5 Sauerland PVE Day/Night Militarized Epoch Port: 6302
#6 Exile Tanoa Port: 2302


A few things for new players:

1. Use the help in game, while it's a little sparse right now, it will be updated over the next month or two to cover a lot of stuff.

2. Your best bet for getting help is to use the support ticket system here on the website. We are generally not around and available to do things in game right away, but I would say 99.99999% of things can be handled either in the database or later even if you're not online. Stryker is sometimes busy, depends on his job from week to week, so he's not always around either. (and we both have women in our lives too so....)

3. Remember, taking plot poles requires video, bandicam is free and works even if you have a potato for a computer.

4. Koba still has some optimizations to do for performance, it's not too bad at the moment, but not nearly as good as it was prior to the 1.0.6 release. Eventually he'll get around to stuff.

5. It's highly unlikely he'll be doing anymore new development on the servers at this point. He's been trying to get the time to do A3 Exile servers for a while, so he's going to start working on that in earnest over the next few months.

6. Please donate, keeping the servers running is a little expensive since we are renting a dedicated server box. Dyskinesia has been a big help in covering costs, but he's just a player, and you all should pitch in, not just one guy.  To those of you who have been donating lately, it is appreciated.  Koba will also toss out max bank increases if you donate and we know who you are.  If you donate, just toss in a support ticket, and he'll bump your bank limit up when you do donate.

7. Don't camp the SAFEZONES. Koba put in some extra logging to log when people die near a safezone and who killed them, so we will find out. Remember, this only applies to safezones, so don't cry when you get killed at a non-safezone trader. This is PVP, watch your back.

8. The ISIS mission on Chernarus is being tweaked here and there to make it doable. There were some people that were just breezing through it due to design flaws. Koba fixed those to force people to do it on foot. Keep in mind it's intended to be done by a group of 5 or 6, it can be done with less, but it is NOT a solo mission. Feedback is always welcome, although he may not do everything you suggest.

9. Pricing on traders has gone through a bunch of iterations since 1.0.6, it's not perfect, so if you see possible pricing exploits please submit a support ticket. Smarty has been pretty good about pointing things out. Don't exploit a pricing discrepancy if you don't want to get banned.

From Koba (Owner/admin):  As a side note: I am an asshole and a real dick if you disrespect me or any admins. Don't do it. I'm usually fair if you aren't a dick about something. I also expect you guys to try and figure things out on your own too, so use the help and ask people questions before asking for an admin. You should really only call for us in chat if it's really important, otherwise just post on the forums to ask simple questions.

We are updating the help and F.A.Q. but here is a good place to start....   The F.A.Q

In game you can hit your ~ key and read help, get info and more.

Have fun and kill each other. 

Well, the new year is upon us...  and with it brought a new version of the Epoch Mod.   We had some bugs, but with the help of our players, we were able to squash most if not all of them.  The servers have been stable, FPS issues seem to be better.  All is good!!      LETS PLAY  :)

Server features (just some of the many features):

3hr day/night cycle,

Full militarized, Thermal Weapons, AI Missions with varying difficulty, 

Custom Player menu (press the tilde key ~), Auto-centering map (toggle), Use meds from backpack, via player menu, Banks at all traders,

Earplugs (F1),

Display infantry/vehicle Weapon info (right-click weapon in your inventory or from player menu),

Deployable bikes, jetskis and mozzies (right click toolbox or player menu),

Fully functional Advanced Trading, Custom traders, Anti-Safezone combat evasion scripts,

Vehicle spawn pad clearing script at traders when purchasing vehicles,

Mission vehicles persistent through restart, Ability to key un-keyed vehicles,

Remote lock/unlock/start vehicles, Find keyed vehicles (right-click GPS), Tow vehicles,  Lift vehicle and crates,

Vehicle Garage Door Openers (with door ID),

Custom Plot management, Plot Alarms systems, Door eye scan and management, automatic door access for plot friends,

Indestructible cinder/metal floors,

Refund building parts upon removal,

Bases Decay after 14 Days, Safes zero after 14 Days, lockboxes will reset to 'Red-0-0'

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays and soon to be a Happy New Year.

Thank you to everyone playing on the Dawn Patrol servers!!!!

annie Happy New Year! ) It's was funny (and difficult too) year and next year will be more funny

Launched an Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Server running the Chernarus map. We will be launching an Arma 3 Exile server in the coming weeks. The server we ordered was delivered a little earlier than expected, so we're going to roll things out gradually. 

Our dedicated server is running on the following hardware: 

Processor: Intel Xeon E5 E5-1630v3 4/8t 3,7 / 3,8GHz 
Ram: 64 GB of RAM DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
Disks: 3 x300GB of SSD Software Raid

Our server is located in Canada, but we're keeping the clock CST.

We are currently have or are planning for the following servers:

1. Chernarus with Epoch 3 hour day, 3 hour night cycle, indestructible cinder bases. 
2. NAPF Overpoch 24 hour day, indestructible cinder bases.
3. Namalsk militarized 3 hour day, 3 hour night cycle, indestructible cinder bases. 
4. Taviana militarized 3 hour day, 3 hour night cycle, indestructible cinder bases. 
5. Arma 3 Exile (coming first week of April 2016)


Download DayZ Launcher and search for us!

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